Generation “4:12” Youth Ministry

1 Timothy 4:12-And don't let anyone put you down because you're young.
Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity. -MSG

Hello and welcome to the G412 Youth Ministry of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church!

The purpose of this ministry is to build youth of purpose, power, and praise. The knowledge of God's word will empower our youth to stand strong in the face of the many challenges of life. We offer  worship services tailored to their level, small group bible study and Sunday school classes, and ongoing relevant events and activities by grade level that give them experiences that last a lifetime. Our main focus is to ensure that our youth learn and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We invite all parents and youth to yoke up with this ministry as we press forward in the kingdom of God!

Administrative Staff

Youth Pastor - Dr. James Mable, Jr.

Youth Coordinator - Mrs. Michelle Turner

Youth Administrative Board - Mrs. Michelle Turner, Ms. Stephanie Pearson, Ms. Lakena Alexis, Mr. Marques Rucker, and Mrs. Ellen Young, Volunteer Administrative Assistant- Ms. Linel Moody

High School Coordinators - Deacon Fred Kyle & Deaconess Jean Kyle

Middle School Coordinators - Mr. Charlie Anderson & Mrs. Jackie Anderson

Elementary School Coordinators - Mr. Alex Seale & Mrs. Lindsay Seale


  • Sunday School Bible Classes
  • Primetime for Pastor's Scholars
  • Graduation Ministry
  • G412 Youth Church/Children’s Church/ Small Group
  • G412 Music Ministry
  • Adoration Youth Choir
  • His Kidz Chorale
  • Praise Team
  • Angels In Motion Praise Dancers
  • Ministry On Purpose Mime Team
  • Drama Team
  • Youth Ushers
  • Push 4 Parents
  • Media Ministry
  • Antioch Village Mentoring Program
  • Vacation Bible School 2016
  • Transformation Experience 2016
  • Kids Across America (Summer Camp)
  • Antioch Youth Council
  • Antioch Steppers
  • Antioch School Patrol
  • G412 Bible Study
  • TAP Academic Program

Current Ministries

Sunday School -
Our Sunday School program is designed specifically for school age children. Students will be engaged in captivating, interactive environments filled with lessons that will develop their faith, character, and purpose in life!

 (9:45AM every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sunday). Location: Youth Activity Center, Grades: PreK-12
Contact Person: Ms. Edreauanna Fowler (409-842-3146)

Primetime for Pastor's Scholars - 
Primetime for Pastor's Scholars is designed to highlight the academic achievements of all youth! We seek to recognize the hard work that our kids put into their studies. At different points throughout the year, we shower our kiddos with appreciation!
Jesus + Education= Success!

Contact Person: Jackie Anderson (409-842-3146)

Graduation Ministry - 
This ministry will demonstrate God's love through the power of the Holy Spirit, by serving as a resource and support system for high school students as they matriculate to college and beyond by encouraging them to become Ambassadors for Christ. Their mission is to provide information and opportunities to learn, grow and develop talents and skills, make spiritually sound decisions, and nurture fellowship in a Christian environment.

Contact Person: Dr. Porchanee White (409 842 3146)

G412 Youth Church -
Please join us for a service that is strategically designed for our teens! This service offers the opportunity for our youth to meet new people, experience high-energy worship, hear an inspirational, real, relevant message from our Youth Pastor, and the opportunity to give their lives to Jesus Christ and receive Salvation! Are you ready?

(11AM every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sunday). Location: Youth Activity Center, Grades: 6-12

Contact Person: Dr. James Mable Jr. or Michelle Turner (Youth Coordinator) (409-842-3146)

G412 Children's Church - 
We invite all of our children to a worship experience that helps set the foundation for their faith, character, and purpose. This service consists of praise and worship, a dramatized introduction to the message for that day, and arts & crafts/activities. We also make sure that a healthy snack is provided!

Contact Person: Dr. James Mable Jr. or Michelle Turner (Youth Coordinator) (409-842-3146)

G412 Small Group - 
This small group session is available for our students that attend the 7:45AM service with their parents. Students will be empowered through God’s word by members of our G412 team, along with having a group lesson and real relevant discussion about challenges and obstacles that they face on a daily basis.

(8:30 AM-9:30AM every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sunday). Location: Youth Activity Center, Grades: PreK-12.

Contact Person: Dr. James Mable Jr. or Michelle Turner (Youth Coordinator) (409-842-3146)

G412 Music Ministry - 
Our youth and children love to sing praises to God! This ministry consists of our Adoration Youth Choir (Grades 6-12), His Kidz Chorale (Grades PreK-5) and Praise Team (Grades 6-12).  Our kids are awesome young vocalists and instrumentalists who offer their musical gifts to glorify God! They sing weekly at Youth Church and in the Main Sanctuary on 2nd Sundays!

Rehearsal Times (Usually two/three Wednesdays before the 2nd Sunday of every month),
6pm-Choir Room, Youth Activity Center, or Main Sanctuary

Contact Person- Elder Terrance Ruffin, Youth and Children's Music Director Marie Sanders, or Najuh Jahkur (409 842 3146)

Angels In Motion Praise Dancers - 
This ministry targets young girls and ladies who have a passionate desire to lift up the name of Jesus Christ through dance. This group expresses praise through bodily movement and routines that tell a story to the song being presented to the congregation. Angels in Motion also strongly encourage personal development of relationships with Jesus Christ and bible study and how it relates to dance.

Rehearsal Times (Wednesdays), Grades (K-12)
6pm-Choir Room, Youth Activity Center, or Main Sanctuary

Contact Person- Phyllis Jones or Precious Goldman-Bob (409 842 3146)

Ministry On Purpose Mime Team -
The mime ministry dramatically interprets music or spoken word silently with motions and gestures, accompanied by white paint on their faces. They seek to invoke the presence of God by ministering under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Rehearsal Times (Wednesdays), Grades (3-12)
6pm-Chapel, Youth Activity Center, or Main Sanctuary

Contact Person- Tracy Mable (409 842 3146)

Drama Team - 
This ministry strives to spiritually enhance youth and children through stage performance from a biblical perspective. It is designed to create meaningful dramatic presentations that will teach, edify, and nurture those who participate and those who view them. If your child loves the stage or even enjoys assisting in the background, they are encouraged to join in this exciting ministry today!

(9:45 AM every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sunday). Location: Youth Activity Center, Grades: PreK-5
Grades (K-12)

Contact Person- Michelle Turner (409 842 3146)

Youth Ushers - 
The Youth Ushers serve passionately as young doorkeepers in God's house! They are responsible for greeting, seating, and assisting congregants during worship services!

Rehearsal Times (1st Mondays of every month), Grades (K-12)
5pm-Main Sanctuary

Contact Person- Arnold Bennett (409 842 3146)

Push 4 Parents - 
This ministry consists of parents who have a vested interest in seeing our youth ministry explode with both parents and students! They are looking for dedicated parents who are patient, love kids, and will ensure that their spiritual needs are met with activities, fun and worship for the love of God in whatever ministry your child serves in! Their mission is to lead by example, provide guidance on church disciple, manners and to give them comfort in serving and doing God's work!

Contact Person- Kristin Thibeaux & Lindsay Seale (409 842 3146)

Media Team (Video/Audio) - 
If your child loves production from an audio and visual perspective, this is the ministry for them! Students get hands-on instruction from Media Team leaders with equipment that is instrumental in our worship services!

Contact Person- Arnold Brown or David Williams (409 842 3146) (Grades 6-12)

Antioch Village Mentoring Program - 
Antioch Village will serve elementary, middle, high school, and college students.

The boys division is called “BOYZ TO MEN” and the girls division is called B.A.D. (Blessed and Destined) Girls. Chief supervisors will be Dr. James Mable Jr. and Mrs. Tracy Mable.

  • Mentoring need. Antioch Village will seek to help and support our youth in improving their lives spiritually, socially, emotionally, relationally, and academically. Perspective mentors must commit to a one year commitment with each mentee along with their families.

Contact Person- Dr. James Mable or Tracy Mable (409 842 3146)

Antioch Youth Council - 
This group of scholars will serve as ambassadors for G412 as they undergo an intense boot camp leadership training and dive into curriculum centered on character education. They will also be empowered through practical biblical teachings that inspire to be servants of Jesus Christ! They will meet periodically with Dr. Porchanee White & Dr. Mable to converse and collaborate on issues and agenda items pertaining to G412.

Contact Person: Dr. James Mable (409-842-3146)
Contact Person- Dr. James Mable or Dr. Porchanee White (409 842 3146)

Antioch Steppers - 
This group will make noise for Jesus as they develop step routines using their voice, hands, and feet! They will dive into God’s word every time they gather to gain better insight into why they do what they do! (Contact Person: Dr. James Mable (409-842-3146)

Contact Person- Mr. Jerry Smith  (409 842 3146)

Antioch School Patrol - 
This group will be assigned to visit the campuses that our youth attend. The goal is for our youth to see that we not only care about them spiritually, but we support and push their academic endeavors.

Future Prospective Ministries That We Will Prayerfully Implement Soon


Children’s & Teen Bible Study (Thursdays)
The purpose of this ministry is to empower our teens through God’s word during the week.

 Baby G412 Nursery
We desire to offer child care services on Sundays for ages 18 months-3 yrs. old.
Contact Person: Dr. James Mable (409-842-3146



Vacation Bible School 
Vacation Bible School is a fun-filled week during the summer, where children Grades K-6 learn about Jesus and his great love for us! Each day, participants have bible classes, make crafts, play games, sing songs, and focus their attention on the theme for the week!

 Contact Person- Sylvia Jenkins (409 842 3146)


Transformation Experience
This is the annual Youth Conference usually held during the month of June for our Family Conference! This exciting night of worship and word is simply a night to remember! You do not want to miss it!

 Contact Person- Rev. Christian Goldman/ Dr. James Mable Jr. (409 842 3146)

Kids Across America (Summer Camp)
This is an annual trip that our kids take to Branson, Missouri to learn more about Jesus Christ in an amazing way! Students spend a week with other campers from all over the USA doing activities that promote having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! (Ages 11-Up).

 Contact Person- Beverley Moore (409 842 3146)